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GLY Series Large span Prestressed Concrete Hollow Core Slab Machine

Hollow core slab machine works on the long-line table, using the high-strength low-relaxation steel strand as the guide, using the pushing work method to form the concrete hollow core slab.


1、One machine can make one slab, low investment
2、Smooth surface, high-density structure
3、Simple structure, easy operate
4、Long working life with few wearing parts
5、The slab length can be 4.2m to 18m



Prestressed concrete core slab machine is designed reasonable in structure, easy for operation and maintenance, durable with high speed productivity, by which cored slabs produced are smooth in surface, compact in high intensity. Random cutting for any length (according to standard), flexible combination of the slab can satisfy various kinds of floor construction. With prestress cored slabs construction framework can be simplified, bearing walls and beam columns are reduced, floorage increased and construction cost decreased

      Prestressed reinforcement should be under relaxation and stress relieving with a performance up to the national standard.

      During production prestressed reinforcement is to be placed on the platform first and stretchingis done on it according to the standard, then adjust the plug extruder in readycondition, feed the necessary concrete into the hopper of the extruder, after aprocessing of consolidation and high frequency jolt ramming, cored slab is come into being and through curing, gradual tension force relief, the slab can becut into desired size and stored.


Testing spot

Producing Flow

Product Range&Size

Size of Slab(mm)             
 Power(kw)   NO.of wire   No. of holes 
1 GLY 120-1200 Thickness - 120
Width - 1200
15 12 11
2 GLY 150-1200 Thickness - 150
Width - 1200
18.5 14 13
3 GLY 180-1200 Thickness - 180
Width - 1200
18.5 12 11
4 GLY 200-1200
  Thickness - 200
Width - 1200
 22  10 8
5 GLY 250-1200 Thickness - 250
Width - 1200
33 10


6 GLY 300-1200  Thickness - 300
Width - 1200
40 8  6
7 GLY 380-1200 Thickness - 380
Width - 1200
39.2 8 7

Production process

Producing Site and Testing Spo

1.   Prestressed hollow core slab producing bed prepare and tensioning.

    1.1  Cleaning the producing bed:Clean the concrete residue on the producing bed with special tools and make the platform surface clean, smooth.

    1.2  Painting parting agent:The adopted parting agent must be up to the required standard without harmful  chemical substance.

    1.3  Distribute the steel wire.Steel wire of low relaxationand stress relieving is adopted .

2.  Prestressed hollow core slab material compositions and quality standard 

    1.1 Cement:32.5R or 42.5R Portland cement and ordinary Portland cement

    1.2  Sand:Medium sand

    1.3 Stone:Rubble and broken pebble are optional

    1.4  Water:Drinking water without harmful substance

    1.5  Dry concrete is used for prestress hollow core slab with a strength grade of C30 or C40

3. Prestress hollow core slab technological flow

    Cleaning the producing bed→ painting parting agent→ distribute steel wire and fix→tensioning the steel         wire→ mix and transportation of concrete → slab molding →make testing block→ covering and curing         →testing block intensity →relief the steel wire→ cutting slab→ storage


     We can design and manufacture all kinds of concrete forming equipment according to customer's demands. Meanwhile we also can provide our customers a complete set of technology and solution for all producing flow



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