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PP Woven Bag Production Line



PP Woven Bag Production Line 

1.SJ-FS Flat Yarn Making Machine
The machine uses the polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) material to make tape (flat yarn) through production procedures of material heating & extruding, splitting the film into tapes, the tapes stretching & forming, tapes winding on the bobbins by winding machine, then put the bobbins with tapes on circular loom for weaving.

                             Main Technical Parameter
Model SJ-FS5.5-110II/800
Diameter of screw 110mm
L/D ratio of screw 24:1
Revolution of screw 10-55r/min
Motor power of extruder 22kw
Heating power of extruder 28kw
Width of die-lip 800mm
Diameter of drum 320mm
Number of arch heating plate 2pcs
Heating power of the plate 15kw
Stretching ration 4-7
Production capacity 50-100kg/h
Winding speed 20-150m/min
Number of winder 130 spindles
System installed capacity 118kw
Normal operational capacity 77kw
Weight 10500kg
Overall dimension 26300X2500X1800mm
2. 1.SJ-YZJ-750/4S Flat Cam Four-Shuttle Circular Loom

1.The cam driving unit has been optimum designed and created to ensure long time running and less electrical and spare parts consumption.
2.World top advanced weft detecting system is extracted to increase to auto running and effective of the machine and also rejects can be reduced by the same.
3.Advanced weft detecting system is used to reduce the rejects and seconds.
4.Advanced synchronous electrical control system for main motor and hauling off unit is adopted to ensure the fine smooth and flat weaving performance.

                                    Main Technical Parameters
Model S-YZJ-750/4S
Number of shuttle 4
Folding width of weaving 350-750mm
Max. number of warp 640-768
Rotation speed of main motor 140-180r/min
Production capacity 1.4-1.8m/min
Power of main motor 1.5-2.2kw
Total power 2-2.7kw
Weight(About) 2000kg
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 8500×2300×2730mm

3. SQJII-800 Automatic woven Bag Cutting Machine
1. it’s applied to cut the woven cloth in roller (including laminated or printed bag).
2. It can cut bags in fixed length and scale in defined limits.
3. It equips automatic counting, remote control and photo-cell tracking.
4. (1) it has high precision of cutting length with 0-1600mm.
  (2) Max .cutting width is 800mm.
  (3) Cutting speed is 20-70pcs/min.
  (4) It has adjustable winding part.
5. It has perfect cutting effect.

       Main Technical Parameters
Model SQJ -800
Max cutting width 800mm
Serding Bag Device power 0.75kw
Main mptor power 2.2kw
Cutting length 10-3500
Accuracy +/1 mm
Heating Power 3 kw
Cutting Speed 20-70bags/min
Weight 600kg
Main-machine Size 2500X1300X1560
Sub-machine Size 1100X1200X1460

4.SFJ-1500 Automatic Sewing Machine
This machine can cut the woven cloth in rolls into sheet as required。

    Main technical parameters
Model SFJ-1500
Capacity 10-30pcs/min
Total power 1.5kw
Size 1.7*1.9*1m
Max bag length 1500mm

5. DB-100 Model Packing Machine
This machine can press and bale the finished woven bags and mesh bags into solid bundles.
          Main Technical Parameters
Working pressure 4-5T
Working instance 800mm
Working space 1200×750mm
Total power 3KW
Dimension 1220×750×1600mm
6. SJ-FJ-100 Model Recycling Granulator
This machine is used for processing recycling clean woven bag, plastic film or another broken old plastic to make them into plastic grains that will be used as raw material again. The screw and cylinder of this machine are made of 38CrMoAlA and done treatment of Nitrogenation.




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