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"A" Series Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Chlorine Capacity: 100~500 g/h
Water treatment Capacity: 2~10 MLD
Concentration of Chlorine: 5000ppm
Salt consumption: 3.5kg/kg Cl2
Power consumption: 4kw/kg Cl2


● Easy to get, safe and reliable
● No dangerous goods transportation
● Full automatic running, only salt feeding regularly
● Central control, able to remote control, and easy control
● Easy operation, the staff can operate after simple training


The onsite sodium hypochlorite generator uses brine electrolysis to make sodium hypochlorite solution and equipped with automatic dosing device to disinfect water. The design include sodium hypochlorite production, automatic dosing and fully automatic operation. It can be included with remote monitor and control through the Ethernet and communication with host machine. The design of the system is based on energy-saving, fully automation, low operation costs, safety, stability, longevity, fault self-alarm and auto stop, etc.

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