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Split sodium hypochlorite generator

Chlorine production : 600g/h~10kg/h
Available chlorine :    7000 ppm~9000 ppm
Raw material :              food grade salt


●  Brine and Sea water can be used as raw material
●  Flexible combination modes and free collocation depends     
      on the requirement of project
●  Central control of real-time monitor, fully automatic running
●  Low running cost(DC power consumption: ≤3.6KWh / kg ·     
      Cl2) and long service life


Sodium hypochlorite generator is a generator to produce sodium hypochlorite by brine or sea water electrolysis, and the whole system is a combination of softener, salt dissolving unit, brine proportion unit, control system, electrolytic unit, storage unit, dosing unit and acid washing unit. 

 Application range

● Municipal water & waste water plants 

● Oil & power plant

● Food & Beverage Processing

● Cooling Tower & Recycling Water treatment


 Technical parameters

Power consumption: <3.9KW /kg.CL

Salt consumption: <3.2kg /kg.CL

Chlorine production: 500g~50kg/hr

Operating mode : full-automatic control(24 hours continuous work)

Concentration of brine or seawater : 2.5~3.0% (standard values: 2.8%)

Chlorine concentration Range: 7000-9000ppm (from brine), 1000-3000ppm (from sea)



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