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WG5 Horizontal Pneumatic Conveying System

WG5 horizontal feeder, as a sophisticated airslide conveying device, is suited for conveying cement, grain, coal ash and other cohesionless or short grained materials. It has uniquely designed fluidized bed with high blow-off efficiency by adopting flui




This horizontal feeder is composed of host machine and power supply.
Host machine consists of bipyramid tank feeder, pneumatic system of discharge outlet and tank cradle.
The main technical parameters go as follows:
 Tank volume:  5m³
 Blow-off efficiency:  >1.2t/min
 Remains:  <0.4%
 Inside diameter of discharging pipe:  100mm
 Main weight:  1600kg
 Overall dimension (L×W×H)
The air supply system is composed of air compressor, electric power and stander.
Its main technical parameter is as follow:
Air compressor No oil sliding pendulum   Model WB5.4/2
 Rated pressure 0.2Mpa  Discharge capacity 5.4m3/min
 Motor type Y180M-4-B3 Rated power 18.5Kw
   Rated voltage 380V  Rejoining method
Dead weight 500kg    Type of belt drive   V-belt
 Overall dimension  (L×W×H)      1300×714×916(mm)


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